After the successful launch of just over a month ago (on May 25th, 2022) and its smooth entering into a sun-synchronous orbit, the EO satellite Urdaneta-ARMSAT_1 is correctly revolving around Earth, and we are proud to state its good health.

The commissioning phases are being regularly executed, such as the booting up of the satellite, contacting ground and it is performing the required technical demonstration of this EO mission.

Urdaneta-ARMSAT_1 presents stable parameters, it is in sun-pointing mode throughout the orbit, its motion, temperatures, and power consumption are nominal within expected range, as predicted by thermal model and power budgets of the satellite. The satellite changes its attitude as expected for pointing its antennas to the ground stations at the required communication windows. Communications are in progress and the satellite passes are tracked every day, continuing showing good performances.

The commissioning of the satellite platform is nearing its completion and we are looking forward to the next steps, like the upcoming calibration of the payload and the reception of the satellite images, set for the end of July, enabling the scheduled follow-up, with the observation data acquisition and geo-spatial applications for agricultural and environmental service, among others.

This full solution satellite, SATLANTIS’ first iSIM-SAT 16U-CubeSat embarking an iSIM-90 VNIR camara and object of the agreement with the Armenian Company Geocosmos, represents an historical milestone for Spain and it is actively contributing to the development of the New Space ecosystem.