The EDIDP NEMOS (Novel Earth and Maritime Observations Satellite) project successfully concluded with the NEMOS CDR and Final Review meeting that took place on November 28th at SATLANTIS facilities, where the main results and outcomes were reviewed with the consortium entities, the granting authority the European Commission – DG DEFIS and the assigned Project Manager team from the Spain Ministry of Defence.

The NEMOS project [started in December 2021 for a duration of two years] aims at designing a Novel Earth and Maritime Observation Small Satellite mission for Defence & Security Applications, including all segments: flight, launch, ground, and user segments, to provide near real-time surveillance of maritime littoral, harbor, and critical infrastructure protection.

SATLANTIS is blessed to have coordinated the NEMOS Action and wants to thank all the members for their excellence, as well as the support of the national authorities.


In the picture, the representatives of the following entities, gathered for the NEMOS CDR meeting: SATLANTIS Microsats S.A., Telespazio S.P.A., DHV Tecnología Espacial Avanzada Malagueña S.L., Syrlinks S.A.S., Avio S.P.A., Solaris Optics S.A., Thales Alenia Space Italia S.P.A., Thales Alenia Space France S.P.A., GMV Aerospace and Defence and the Spanish Ministry of Defence.


This project has received funding from the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) under grant agreement EDIDP-MSC-MFC-2020-065-NEMOS