Strategic alliance between SATLANTIS and EVERIS

The European Commission authorises SATLANTIS to acquire from EVERIS its space activity in the area of Defence and Earth Observation.

The two companies have entered into a strategic alliance that started in 2016 and has produced important results such as a 45 cm resolution space camera.

Bilbao, 12 January 2023 – The strategic analysis carried out by NTT_DATA to focus on consultancy and technology services fits with SATLANTIS’ strategic plan to develop 45 cm multispectral resolution sub-meter satellites. In the spirit of preserving this activity, both companies presented to the Ministry of Defence a responsible plan to protect the ongoing projects and the results obtained, which was positively received.

Then the European Space Agency (ESA) also accepted the approach and authorised the transfer of activity.

Finally, it was the European Union that facilitated this authorisation.

SATLANTIS starts 2023 focusing on the completion of a 45 cm resolution observation satellite, so this agreement is an endorsement of these plans and completes the 80 cm multispectral-native solution currently available.

EVERIS, for its part, is undertaking its strategic refocus with a country responsibility to maximise the outcome, thinking about the best strategy for its customers.

In the opinion of Juan Tomás Hernani, CEO of SATLANTIS, “the transaction has been an impeccable example of professional conduct on the part of Everis and its clients, the Ministry, ESA and the European Union. This decision means boosting our optical positioning in sub-metrics before the European Defence Fund and the ESA, as well as the Ministry itself”.

For Joaquín Gali, “the natural partner to ensure the best transition for customers is SATLANTIS, and the agreement allows us to present a responsible conduct to them, while developing the focus decisions of our strategic plan”.