SATLANTIS and NAX SOLUTIONS join forces in the precision agriculture remote sensing applications

The two companies have met to formalize the NAX powered by SATLANTIS model with a clear objective: to deepen the agreement signed last September, to develop new value-added solutions for satellite precision agriculture, taking advantage of NAX’s deep knowledge of the agricultural sector and SATLANTIS’ knowledge in the generation and provision of satellite data, which, using its technological capacity, allows to develop new sensors adapted to specific agricultural user-needs.

NAX SOLUTIONS, a start-up created in 2018 specialized in satellite images processing and artificial intelligence with the aim of helping the agro-producers to solve problems in the field, was the winner of the 16th edition of the Entrepreneur Awards and currently provides its services in more than sixteen countries. Its objective is to contribute to a sustainable agriculture, minimizing the impact on the environment and helping to change the social environment involved in this activity.

Both companies see a market opportunity and will focus on exploiting the synergies of up- and downstream EO segments, to generate added value for the agriculture sector, maximising the business potential.

Thanks to this partnership, important collaborations will emerge where both companies will be able to meet current needs as well as generate new lines of business,” says Caleb Gustavo De Bernardis, co-founder of NAX SOLUTIONS. “We have the problems and SATLANTIS can generate the solution. In Spain there is a lot of talent, we can detect problems and solve them, we are capable of manufacturing and launching a personalized satellite, we just need to come to an agreement. Spanish industry has a place in the satellite industry” says Beatriz Sanchis Ruiz, co-founder of NAX SOLUTIONS.

“The alliance with NAX allows us to accelerate the exploitation of the infrastructures we are creating and focus our capacity to design and build sensors that meet the demands of end-users, taking advantage of the benefits provided by the NewSpace approach meanwhile reaching global markets in the agricultural sector with our technology,” says Juan Tomas Hernani Burzaco, CEO of SATLANTIS.

This strategy comes at one of the best times, when NAX SOLUTIONS has a clear knowledge of the most immediate needs of customers and SATLANTIS has the capacity to solve them.