President Pedro Sanchez and SATLANTIS meet at Dubai Expo

From the left: Spanish President Pedro Sánchez, Juan Tomas Hernani (SATLANTIS CEO) and Roberto Fabrizi (SATLANTIS CCO) at Expo Dubai 2020.

SATLANTIS has been selected as one of the eight companies representing the technological section of the Spanish Pavilion, on the occasion of the Spain – United Arab Emirates Business Forum at Expo 2020 Dubai, organised by CDTI – Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology.

During his visit to the Spanish Pavilion on February 2nd, the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, met the delegations from the eight Spanish companies leading innovation and entrepreneurship in their sector and received a presentation from SATLANTIS CEO Juan Tomas Hernani and CCO Roberto Fabrizi, on the innovative solution for detection detection of methane via satellite, a project led by SATLANTIS in cooperation with Enagás, which has received the utmost interest from the Emirati authorities. GEI- SAT satellite’s launch, scheduled for the summer of 2023, will be a precursor to the future constellation of small satellites, a project that may prove to be key to Spain’s leadership in emissions detection technology, a priority objective in the EU’s recovery plans.

Furthermore, Juan Tomás Hernani and Roberto Fabrizi, CEO and CCO of the Company, highlighted to the President the opportunity for cooperation in the Atlantic constellation, through the collaboration that SATLANTIS has opened in a Spanish-Portuguese partnership.

This was an important step towards the opening of SATLANTIS’ operations in the region.