Opportunity to generate niche champions

The online article published on the El Correo (elcorreo.com) on 7 November 2021 gives a snapshot of SATLANTIS dynamic current agenda. The presence at the Phi-week (ESA/Frascati), GWF (Amsterdam), IAC (Dubai), FEINDEF (Madrid) and a direct agenda with Eastern countries enable SATLANTIS to announce soon new space missions with challenging goals, including submetric multispectral resolution – the sweet spot of the company – as well as SWIR detection, that will be added to the current 5 missions that are being executed.

The NASA mission financed by the Department of Defense in the US has now been announced for the 21st of December launch, with a Dragon rocket being launched from Kennedy Space Center.

The URDANETA mission has been booked for June 2022, also from Florida.

And the GEISAT methane mission awaits for the ESA homologation through a calibration study that will provide the most accurate methane emissions detection of the market, in conjunction with ENAGAS.

At FEINDEF21 in Madrid, Mr Juan Tomás Hernani, CEO of SATLANTIS, underlined the importance of space sovereignty, which is nothing but the technology sovereignty: “You may buy technology, but unfortunately, technology sovereignty cannot be purchased. It can only be developed through a long-term strategy that cares about the national competencies that can arrive at global champions”.

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