First anniversary of Urdaneta-ARMSAT_1

Today, Urdaneta-ARMSAT_1 satellite celebrates its first anniversary since its successful launch on May 25th, 2022, from Cape Canaveral (Space Force Station) onboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket with the Transporter 5 mission.

This 16U-CubeSat embarking an iSIM-90 optical instrument is SATLANTIS’ first full-solution for Earth Observation, part of the cooperation with the Armenian State Geocosmos company, that made it the first satellite in space for the country.

A groundbreaking End-to-End solution, with unique characteristics such as the agility, the Ultra High-Resolution technology, multispectral resolution in visible and near infra-red bands at 2m resolution with the greatest image quality.

The satellite continues showing good health and along its first smooth year in orbit has achieved the acquisition of over 5.6TB of data downloaded and over 650.000 images obtained from which 26.800 were over Spain and 8.800 over the Basque Country.

The above picture, acquired by Urdaneta-ARMSAT_1 from orbit, shows SATLANTIS Headquarters and surroundings in the Basque Country (Spain).

The satellite’s achievements are also building blocks for SATLANTIS’ following missions and exciting projects that will build upon the success of the past year.