Encino Environmental Holdings (EEH) joins SATLANTIS’ capital

The US company Encino Environmental Holdings, LLC (EEH) enters in SATLANTIS’ capital as a strategic partner, with the support of Williams, BP Energy Partners, and EnCap Investments LLC.

Encino Environmental Holdings joins Enagás, SEPIDES, AXIS-ICO, ORZA, CDTI and the Provincial Council of Vizcaya (Diputación Foral de Bizkaia) as shareholders participating in SATLANTIS’ latest financing round, which now totals 31 million euros.

EEH is a major American investor that will boosts SATLANTIS’ growth in the United States, where SATLANTIS US subsidiary is located.

SATLANTIS has a leading multispectral infrared technology for capturing greenhouse gas emissions, which it is embarking on its next GEI-SAT satellite for Enagás, and which will capture, with very high precision, methane emissions. The Company’s satellite-based monitoring technology attracted this new international investment, to develop new products and services for the North American market.

The financial partnership with these US partners will accelerate the emissions monitoring services through microsatellite systems, enhancing the energy transition project of satellite-based greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions detection and measurement from Space.

Ramón Betolaza, new advisor at SATLANTIS and senior advisor to Bp Energy Partners for Europe, says that they are “very pleased that our first operation in Europe is the investment in SATLANTIS. The objective is to create a global leader in ESG activity in the energy world for the reduction of methane emissions together with Encino Environmental, an investee company of Bp Energy Partners”.

Juan Tomás Hernani, SATLANTIS CEO, said: “A company that has achieved six space missions in record time and has world-leading optical space observation technology must have the best position in the world’s leading satellite market: the North American market. We are going to achieve this position thanks to EEH’s shareholding and its direct involvement with Williams and EnCap, which participates in more than 100 Oil&Gas companies. We are offering something as complex as methane detection with the highest resolution in the market, thanks to the core technology developed by SATLANTIS, which is moving further and further ahead of its competitors”. “Williams is extremely well positioned with our large-scale energy infrastructure network to drive the next generation of the clean energy market,” says Chad Zamarin, senior vice president of Corporate Strategic Development at Williams. “Our investment in SATLANTIS through EEH will further enhance emissions detection and measurement capabilities, which is key to delivering responsibly sourced natural gas that will help our customers achieve their sustainability goals. The company is working to enable supply and delivery decisions that connect the cleanest energy sources to meet real-time energy needs across the country.”

Sean O’Keefe – a former NASA Administrator General, former Secretary of the Navy, former Deputy Director of the US President’s Budget Office and former CFO of the Department of Defence, and former President of Airbus in the United States, among other positions – has been appointed as Chairman of SATLANTIS LLC.

All partners involved in this project are committed to delivering near-term results through world-leading emissions detection technology.


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