A benchmark for Space industry in Spain

SATLANTIS CEO and YEESS (Young European Enterprises Syndicate for Space) President, Juan Tomás Hernani, has recently been interviewed by the Bankinter Innovation Foundation (Fundación Innovación Bankinter – FIBK), representing our Company as an example of innovation benchmark in the Spanish Space industry, “that has put Spain’s Space industry on the world map” to quote the article published by FIBK on March 22nd, 2022.

In the interview, Juan Tomás Hernani communicates his vision of the Spanish innovation landscape and his insights on the present and future of the Space industry in Spain, Europe and the world, on top of solutions provided by SATLANTIS to address the current environmental issues.

Through disruptive technological Earth Observation capabilities, SATLANTIS can offer to the market full solutions to address today’s challenges: the evolution of the Company is going in this direction to better meet end users’ real-world problems such as improving the environmental sustainability.

As he explained, SATLANTIS’ mission is to understand the language of light, with images acquired in the visible and up to the infrared spectrum, to obtain relevant data for its customers, with applications serving environment, energy, or security and defence.

For the upcoming future, the objective is to continue contributing to the enhancement of the very competitive technological panorama Europe offers, to promote the EU growth and autonomy in the Space industry.


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