14th European Space Conference with YEESS Syndicate

The 14th European Space Conference, organized by Business Bridge Europe on 25 and 26 January 2022, gathered in Brussels the European space domain under the theme “A New Era for European Space: Turning Vision into Action”.

The two-day event has represented a great opportunity also for the Young European Enterprises Syndicate for Space (YEESS) founding members: Juan Tomas Hernani – SATLANTIS CEO & YEESS President, Nicolas CAPET – ANYWAVES CEO & YEESS Vice-President, Jean-Luc Maria – Exotrail CEO, Benoît Deper – Aerospacelab CEO, Adrià Argemí Samsó – Pangea Aerospace CEO and Max Gulde – ConstellR CEO & YEESS Secretary, convened representing growing EU companies striving to work together with and for Europe, to support the competitiveness of the Continent in Space.

Juan Tomas Hernani took part in Session #1 of the Conference, the Debate on Europe’s approach to the evolving Space industry, speaking about SMEs’ decisive role in strenghtening the current and future European Space ecosystem, expressing that “We have to emphasize the share of SMEs in the total cake“.

As ESA President also highlighted, Old and New Space are complementary and need to cooperate, together with the European Institutions, Space Agencies and the various Space industry players to continue enhancing the European Space activities in the upcoming future.

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